Electric Cities of Alabama

Electric Cities of Alabama

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Electric Cities of Alabama

Jonathan A. Hand
Executive Director

Contact Us:
Phone: (334) 954-3221
Fax: (334) 954-3223

Visit Us:
770 Washington Ave., Suite 164
Montgomery, AL 36104

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1550
Montgomery, AL 36102-1550





Committee Structure

In order for ECA to focus on member cities’ collective needs, a committee structure exists to oversee the following association activities:

  • Administration & financial issues
  • Develop work plans
  • Develop legislative policy & strategy
  • Plan communications & training activities

All committees’ activities and recommendations will be reviewed for approval by the Board of Directors.

Standing Committees

Executive Committee
The function of the committee is financial and administrative initiative development.
Legislative Committee
Deals with legislative challenges, legislative policy development and governmental affairs activities.
Communications & Marketing Committee
Exists to address and recommend communications and public relations activities.
Loss Control, Training & Development Committee
Exists to identify training needs and develop training services.
Nominating Committee
Recommends and nominates ECA officers and other Executive Committee members.
Annual Meeting Planning Committee
Oversees the development and agenda of ECA’s annual meeting.

Lists of Standing Committee Members

Executive Committee

Legislative Committee

Communication & Marketing Committee

Training & Development Committee

From time to time, temporary committees may be formed to address a specific issue unrelated to an established standing committee. Members for these committees will be appointed by the Board Chairman.



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